Gener8 Reorganizes Carlsbad Facility for Expanded Manufacturing Capabilities

Gener8 Reorganizes Carlsbad Facility for Expanded Manufacturing Capabilities

Gener8 LLC (“Gener8”), a provider of complete product lifecycle engineering and manufacturing solutions for highly complex instruments and products within the life sciences and medical device markets, together with its capital partner, Sverica Capital Management LP, is restructuring its 15,000 sq. ft. Carlsbad facility, formerly Symbient Product Development, a medical product development company that specializes in medical and life science disposables, to provide microfluidics cartridge design, development, and manufacturing under one roof.

“We’ve seen an increasing demand for low- to medium-volume manufacturing of microfluidic cartridges and other fluidics products from a lot of our customers,” says Alfred Macha, the VP of Operations at Gener8, “and we’re growing and improving our manufacturing operations to fill this gap and provide more integrated, end-to-end services.” The revamped facilities will include a new 1,000 sq. ft. class 8 cleanroom and 250 sq. ft dry room with expanded reagent filling and lyophilization capabilities. In addition, the facility will house new laser, CNC, injection molding, and ultrasonic welding instruments dedicated to specific manufacturing projects.

This investment will enable the Carlsbad facility to produce plastic consumables at scales of hundreds to tens of thousands of assembled parts a year. “These new capabilities will enable us to streamline and accelerate project timelines,” added Jerry Jurkiewicz, CEO of Gener8. “This is how we’ve organized our facilities in Sunnyvale, and restructuring in Carlsbad will enable us to serve our clients in Southern California better.”

To operate these new manufacturing facilities, Gener8 has expanded its full-time manufacturing workforce, specializing in manufacturing plastic consumables for the broader medical device and biotechnology industry.

About Gener8

Gener8, founded in 2002, offers complete product lifecycle engineering and manufacturing for highly complex instruments and products within the highly regulated Life Sciences and Medical Device markets. The services that Gener8 provides allow for an agile and fast time-to-market solution that results in high-reliability solutions for customers. With locations in Sunnyvale, CA, and Boston, MA, Gener8 operates in innovation corridors and maintains all industry-specific certifications. For more information, please visit

About Sverica Capital Management

Sverica Capital Management is a leading growth-oriented private equity firm that has raised over $1.1 billion across five funds. The firm acquires, invests in, and actively builds companies that are, or could become, leaders in their industries. Since its inception, Sverica has followed a “business builder” approach to investing and actively supports its portfolio companies. Sverica devotes significant time and internal resources to help its management teams develop and execute growth strategies. It proactively looks for levers to pull to accelerate growth by reinvesting in those companies. Sverica firmly believes in building businesses collaboratively that can endure for the long term by starting with a strong foundation and bringing the right people and playbook to drive reinvestment and, ultimately, solid returns for our investors. For more information, please visit