Industrial Design

Gener8's Industrial Design Team Provides User Experience Design, Quality, and DfX

Our industrial design (ID) services will help you achieve the look, feel, and usability that is critical to the success of your product in the marketplace while ensuring full functional performance. Our highly experienced Industrial Design service talent works closely with the engineering team to ensure great ID.

Our industrial designers integrate Gener8's full engineering expertise into a great product experience for the user. Our designers have industry-proven experience in optimizing user, business, and technical needs into beautiful and commercially successful instruments and products.

Our core competencies include:

  • Design research to find the unique blend of business, user, and technology needs for each product.
  • Human factors, ergonomics, and product workflow development to finely tune the instrument to the needs of the user.
  • Concept visualization in sketching, models, and CAD to demonstrate the vision for how the product will look, work, and feel.
  • User testing and mockups to walk through the actual usage of the product before it is built.
  • Color, materials finish, branding, and design to integrate them fully into the product look.
  • Full rendering and animation to fully show the product before it is documented and produced.
  • Documenting all the detail in order to maintain design intent all the way through production.
  • Design for manufacturability and serviceability so that the product will be economical to produce and maintain.
  • We also specialize in design language development to create a unified look and feel for an entire product line.

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Gener8's full-stack software and industrial design team have proven success in developing UI/UX experiences that are well integrated into the hardware for medical and commercial products.

Modern human interface design is a highly complex and varied landscape ranging from on-instrument touchscreens to mobile apps to traditional computer interfaces, but our diverse team has skills for all forms of machine interface requirements.

Our Design for Excellence (DfX) and design teams use a systematic approach to provide support across the entire product life cycle – from design assurance, through design transfer, to ongoing manufacturing and post-market quality. Our quality engineers possess deep expertise in a wide range of industries including biomedical, medical devices, and defense.

Regulatory and Certification Support

We offer support through our team of medical device regulatory professionals to reduce risk and safety testing capabilities.

Gener8 has a team of medical device regulatory professionals who can support your pre-market and post-market regulatory needs and assist in developing clinical evidence for product submissions.

Our expert team has deep regulatory experience working with a broad range of medical products including surgical, therapeutic, and diagnostic/IVD.

Throughout development, we design to reduce the risk of EMI exposure and safety concerns. We work with contracted services for EMI and Safety testing to comply with CE and UL certification requirements and to ensure compliance with IEC 60601 and IEC 61010.

We have a test chamber for pre-scans for UL/CE certifications. Gener8 works with testing agencies such as TUV, ELT, and CSA. We have environmental chambers in house and a BSL II lab for blood and chemistry testing in-house

Our design control system assures evaluation of the design and assembly processes while assessing risk early in the design process, thereby providing a seamless hand-off to the manufacturing side of our business.

For medical clients, we have a dedicated group skilled in the deliverables to meet our ISO 13485 requirements.