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Fast-track your development and manufacturing timelines with our experts in medical, biotech, and industrial instruments.

Accelerate Your Instrument's Time-to-Market with Our End-to-End Solutions

Developing complex instruments from concept to manufacturing takes a village. From prototyping to scalable manufacturing, we provide seasoned experts throughout the development phases who achieve the highest quality and regulatory standards for your instrument.

We Commercialize Scalable Turnkey Solutions

  • Refined Processes and Risk Management for Verification of Instruments

    Gener8's scientists and engineers take a logical and rigorous approach to process and risk management. We fine-tune design elements with actual molded materials, refine physical user interfaces, and incorporate industrial design expertise and feasibility testing. We rapidly prototype to reduce the risk of the design before testing the mechanics of our alpha unit or investing in beta unit builds.

    All of this means that we mitigate risk from end-to-end and save on costly and laborious redesign so you can get to market faster with a higher-quality product. In addition, we can provide support for running clinical trials for validation.

  • Experts On-Demand

    Every project is unique and requires different expertise. Our large team of experienced staff offers broad skillsets, from biomedicine to consumer electronic industries. We are ready to team up with you to help solve your challenges at any stage of the process. As your project progresses, our flexible resources can be expanded or reformed based on your immediate needs.

  • Integrated End-to-End Design to Manufacturing Capabilities

    Development and manufacturing of a successful product cannot happen in isolation. Product design with reliability and manufacturability in mind will save on downstream production costs and prevent costly redesign or product failure. Gener8 facilities are equipped with high-tech tools for rapid, in-house prototyping and include ISO-certified manufacturing capabilities and expertise to take your concept through prototype and finished product. Gener8's full end-to-end capabilities will effortlessly ramp your program and avoid potential pitfalls early on.

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  • Miniaturization and Automation

    Gener8 has been in operation for more than twenty years. Gener8 has become a leading integration partner for biotech, medical (including IVD), and industrial clients by leveraging our skills in miniaturization and automation to develop integrated capital equipment and consumables. We're proud to have been involved in the development of thousands of instruments and devices, with a focus on disruptive technologies such as genomics, CRISPR, and NGS. We serve a mix of large blue-chip, early-stage, and big tech companies.

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We Commercialize Disruptive Technologies

Our automation and miniaturization capabilities are perfect for NGS instruments, library preparation systems, PoL and PoC IVD instruments using CRISPR and Cas enzymes and single-cell analysis equipment.

We have deep expertise in the development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art IVD, PoC and PoL molecular diagnostic instruments, automated and semi-automated immunostaining instruments and many other medical devices.

We'll help you get ahead of the competition with our industrial product development and manufacturing capabilities. We have a long history of development of advanced imaging systems, photonics systems, and various custom precision electronics.

From concept development through manufacturing, we deliver best-in-class quality.

Our expertise combines FMEA and control plan development with extensive experience to manage and reduce risk. We utilize the stage-gate process and other procedures, along with our own tricks of the trade to design and develop instruments and various systems. 

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With our development and manufacturing facilities in one place, our transfer to manufacturing and scale-up is seamless. We work out any manufacturing issues early on and all plastic assembly methods are developed using production quality equipment onsite, which allows us to complete iterations quickly and demonstrate a robust assembly process that is ready for high-volume manufacturing. Our services are scalable to suit your needs and we focus on low-medium volume complex instrument manufacturing, life-cycle support, and depot service support. 

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Thousands of projects completed.

We're proud to serve the Biotech, Medical, and Industrial markets.

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