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Embedded Firmware Advantages

By Jim Cordova / January 19, 2021

Gener8 Product Development firm with locations across California and Massachusetts is focused on biotech instrument design, medical devices design, and industrial electronics development. Their team consists of 200+ mechanical and electrical engineers, 50+ scientists, and 40+ Ph.D.’s. They’ve executed 1500+ projects spanning an extremely wide range of products from a…

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Molding, it’s not as scary as it seems.

By Brian Eastman / January 19, 2021

Gener8 is a product development firm specializing in the engineering and design of complex instrumentation for medical and biotech systems. These systems often include injection molded parts which are commonly the preferred method for higher volume production and cosmetic instrument panels. This is because there are few manufacturing methods that…

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By Prithvi Sundar / January 19, 2021

The instruments we engineer at Gener8 are designed to replicate biotechnology functions quickly and accurately. Many of these biotech processes require the use of reagents in precise and varying amounts to aid in a particular reaction to test or detect a critical parameter. To develop and execute these recipes, scientists…

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Welcome to Gener8, An Exceptional Product Development and Engineering Consulting Firm

By Vladimir Fuflyigin / January 19, 2021

Since its inception, Gener8 has been delivering exceptional product development and engineering consulting services. By working with us, clients innovate at a speed and scale that continuously outpaces their competition. Throughout the years, we have designed a variety of cutting edge products for multiple industries. While we are comfortable leaning…

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