Wearable Electrochemical Sensor

Our Role

  • Client has a unique system to detect Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) from the skin. They needed a low-cost disposable cartridge to store, and upon a user action, deliver both a dry and wet reagent to an integrated electrochemical sensor. The cartridge inserts into a wearable wristband, which provides BAC to the wearer.


  • IVD
  • Point of Care
  • Precision Electronics



Features & Accomplishments

  • Designed and molded a single-use cartridge assembly that allows user activation of the chemical sensor.
  • Electrochemical sensor lyophilized and wet reagents are stored on cartridge ready for activation by user.
  • One-piece assembly design with living hinge reduces manufacturing cost.
  • Snap closure allows simple user activation of chemical sensors.
  • Contacts on the sensor interface to the electronics in the wrist band with the help of magnets that position the cartridge allowing for quick and easy user installation.