Symbient Fabrication Capabilities in the New Year

Symbient strives to continually expand and improve our fabrication capabilities. Our goal is to have internal capability to support any type of prototype fabrication our customers may require.  This will improve the quality and lead time of those prototypes. These improvements are critical to bringing products to market as quickly as possible. The new year brings new equipment and capabilities and we’re pleased to announce we have recently added the following:

DMG Mori CNC Mill Image

Fig. 1 – Symbient fabrication capabilities now include a DMG Mori high precision mill designed for production mold fabrication

DMG Mori CNC Mill

Symbient has offered CNC machining since our founding in 2004.  Until now we have exclusively utilized Haas mills.  With our highly skilled machinists, we’ve stretched the machine capabilities to perform fabrication feats far beyond normal Haas mill limits.  We have recently purchased a DMG Mori high precision mill specifically designed for production mold fabrication.  This machine provides orders of magnitude improvement in accuracy and surface finish performance.  The DMG Mori mill has cooling on the spindle as well as vibration control for the smoothest and most accurate surfacing.  We have also invested in an upgraded high-speed spindle which allows us to machine smaller features with greater depth than would typically be possible.  The DMG Mori mill represents a significant investment as it is 4.5 times the cost of an equivalent sized Haas mill but well worth the substantially greater machining capabilities it provides for our customers.

Medical Diagnostic Device Image

Fig 2 – The clicker press allows for die cutting of cover tapes, sheet stock, filter media, etc.




Atom Clicker Press

Symbient’s previous fabrication capabilities included laser cutting, but the Atom clicker press allows for die cutting of cover tapes, sheet stock, filter media, etc as they would occur in production.  Laser cutting is a quick and useful prototyping method but has the drawback that some materials yield burnt edges  The parts also become contaminated from the debris created during the laser cutting process.  Having the clicker press in house allows us to quickly circumvent these issues when they occur, allowing projects to continue without delay.

Fig 3 – The Branson 2000Xd welder with increased power capability and improved welding parameter controls.


Ultrasonic Welder

Symbient has offered ultrasonic welding for 15 years.  We have recently expanded our existing capability by adding a Branson 2000Xd welder.  This welder has increased power capability and improved welding parameter controls.  It’s another example of how Symbient strives to utilize the most advanced equipment available.

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