Sample Processing Fluidic Cartridge with Instrument Interface and Reagent Pack

Our Role

  • Develop system for automated sample processing. Input is a blood collection tube and the output is RNA suspended in water for use in drug discovery.
  • Design and develop a disposable cartridge and reagent pack.
  • Coordinate development with instrument developer to ensure interoperability.


  • Complex Electromechanical Systems
  • Genetic Engineering
  • DNA/RNA Sequencing


Pfizer, Stratagene / Agilent Technologies

Features & Accomplishments

  • Designed the system of fluidic channels, ports, valves, static mixer and mixing chambers to complete the assay defined by the customer.
  • Designed a peristaltic drive mechanism located in the instrument which interacted with both the reagent pack and cartridge to dispense reagents as required by the assay protocol.
  • Developed filter stack and flow distribution mechanism which optimized filter performance.
  • Implemented laser welding assembly method to achieve high pressure seals against caustic reagents.
  • Developed unique instrument driven rotary valve utilizing our expertise with LIM silicone over molding. This rotary valve design enables extensive flow control flexibility in a relatively small space.
  • Developed split septum instrument interface between reagent pack and cartridge capable of withstanding high pressure and caustic reagents. Reusable interface allows reagent pack to be used with up to 10 cartridges.
  • Developed insert molded needle interface which allowed moving blood from blood tube to the cartridge without requiring cap removal.