Pregnancy Test – Fact Plus

Our Role

  • Develop an attractive, ergonomic lateral flow cartridge with integrated cap and reader window.
  • Verify that design meets requirements and follows good design for manufacturing practices.


  • IVD
  • Point of Care


ABI/Inverness Medical Diagnostics

Features & Accomplishments

  • Applied our experience in lateral flow cartridge design following best practices for mechanical design to prevent sample leaks, occlusion of flow, and strip movement, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Incorporated interlocks and snap fits that optimized the cost to assemble.
  • Designed external form and ergonomics, focusing on the grip area and cap, to meet user experience requirements for comfort, ease of use, and sanitation.
  • Developed product and transferred the design, prototype molds and learnings to the manufacturer in 5 months, meeting schedule requirements.
  • Design proven with high volume production exceeding 20,000 units per day.