A Message From Jerry Jurkiewicz

On Monday, October 16th, Gener8 is launching a pivotal survey to define our shared mission, vision, and values, and we want every team member involved. 

A survey link from Culture ‘Amp’, a trusted third party, will arrive in your inbox. Before diving in, please watch a special message from our CEO, Jerry Jurkiewicz. His words will provide context and emphasize the importance of your participation.

This survey is your chance to shape Gener8’s future. While it is brief, its impact is profound. Your candid feedback, suggestions, and insights will be pivotal in aligning our company with our shared goals and aspirations.

Survey Breakdown:

  • Purpose: To co-create a mission, vision, and values embodying Gener8’s aspirations and ethos.
  • Provider: Administered by the trusted third party, Culture Amp.
  • Duration: A commitment of roughly 15 minutes, depending on how detailed you choose to be in the open-ended question section.
  • Content: A series of ratings, open-ended, multi-select, and multiple-choice questions with comments.
  • Confidentiality Assurance: Rest easy knowing your responses are strictly confidential. Honesty is paramount.
  • Participation Goal: While our ultimate aspiration is 100% involvement, a minimum of 80% participation is crucial for meaningful data analysis.
  • Closure: Responses are accepted until Sunday, October 29th, when the survey closes.
  • Support Network: For guidance or any inquiries, Dana Arbach and Anna Clark are at your service.

We value your perspective immensely. Your feedback is crucial in guiding Gener8 towards our shared vision and objectives. Together, let’s collaboratively shape a unified and successful future for Gener8.