Microfluidic NGS Library Prep and Cell Editing System

Our Role

  • Developed a cartridge and instrument interface module for a system that simplifies, automates, and miniaturize complex protocols, such as NGS library prep, in a compact and user-friendly system
  • Perform design, prototype, and assembly work


  • Complex Electromechanical Systems
  • Genetic Engineering
  • DNA/RNA Sequencing


Features & Accomplishments

  • Microfluidic technology moves droplets through multistep protocols without user intervention
  • The system senses and detects any misplaced droplets
  • The cartridge is “oil-free” in that it does not use oil to encapsulate the droplets, and is therefore not prone to leaking
  • The device can apply mechanically vigorous methods without fear of emulsions, making it compatible with ethanol and other chemicals that interact with oil
  • The disposable cartridge does not require electronics within it; the electronics are all in the controller.
  • System supports protocols with up to 12 reagents and three large volume wash reagents