Microfluidic Cartridge for Point of Care Diagnostics

Our Role

  • Develop multiple fluidic cartridges for use with a modular controller/reader instrument that performs a series of diagnostic tests.


  • IVD
  • Point of Care
  • Diagnostic Equipment



Features & Accomplishments

  • Developed unique methods to meter precise volumes, split samples equally, rehydrate reagents, perform static and active mixing, incorporate normally open and closed valves, and integrate with imaging components in order to accomplish diagnostic test protocols.
  • Developed a method to separate plasma from whole blood.
  • Developed a method to transfer the contents of blood collection tube to the cartridge without removing the cap.
  • Developed method to dry reagents in a channel and then rehydrate them during the test protocol.
  • Developed method which allows the user to insert a blood collection tube and accept instrument inputs to transfer whole blood out of the tube and into the cartridge for analysis.
  • US Patent Applications 60,165,558; 60,079,003; 60,078,471