Our people are our greatest asset providing you deep expertise and leadership within a culture built on collaboration and great client experience.

Approximately 8500+ years of experience.

We ensure that we have a strong mix of senior level staff to junior level staff in order to provide you cost-conscious speed-to-market.

200+ Engineers

Engineering is the core of what we do. We stand strong in the areas of mechanical, electrical, software, and optics engineering.

Through its subsidiary, Symbient, Gener8 also offers the realization of molded complex consumable components for medical and biotech devices at rapid speed to provide a complete and optimized instrument-consumable solution.


185+ Manufacturing Staff

Our team specializes in highly complex electro-optical and electro-mechanical assemblies. The majority of our manufacturing services are biotech and medical. Gener8 is currently certified with both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. We are licensed for medical device manufacturing by the FDB.


50+ Scientists

Unlike most product development firms, Gener8 is differentiated by having experienced, entrepreneurial scientists on staff.

Their backgrounds are in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, and Instrumentation as a business. These team members are able to address our client's needs in design for technical performance and development of their concepts.


40+ PhDs

Another Gener8 differentiator is our level of deep expertise in the areas of optics, spectroscopy and condensed matter physics.

Our PhD staff is pulled in on the toughest challenges and also mentors others to continuously raise the knowledge level across of all our team members.


World Class Engineering

Gener8 is a full-service turnkey design and manufacturing company. Our engineering department has the skill set necessary for cutting-edge consumable and instrumentation development.

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Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering spans the internal instrument mechanisms, to the external product housings, as well as the disposable cartridge development.

Our core competencies include:

  • System level design and integration
  • Fluidics handling and microchip integration
  • Design for modularity and assembly
  • Thermal management
  • Mechatronics and actuators
  • Precision motion and automation
  • Optomechanical stages and trains
  • Package and enclosure design
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Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering team develops PCBA’s that control all aspects of products from mechanical mechanisms to optics and the user interface and communications.

They have core competencies in:

  • System level design and integration
  • Design for modularity and assembly
  • Analog power and power management
  • High speed digital design
  • FPGA and embedded processors
  • Low power wireless
  • Sensor and measurement circuits
  • Image capture and analysis
  • High performance audio and spectroscopy
  • Circuit layout for signal integrity
  • Design and analysis for reliability
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Software Engineering

Our software experts collaborate with electrical engineers to define the hardware needed for the user interface and communication and connectivity solutions.

Their core competencies are in the following:

  • Embedded Firmware & Software
  • Connectivity & Cloud Solutions

Optics Engineering

OptoMechanics and Optoelectronics are integral to many products we develop.

Our optics experts are experienced in the following:

  • Lens modelling for bulk and fiber optics
  • High speed fluorescent imaging
  • Camera, Laser and LED design and integration
  • Optics-fluorescence filtering
  • Custom polymer lensing
  • High sensitivity CMOS cameras

Our expertise in a wide variety of discplines is unrivaled.


Manufacturing Engineering

Gener8 takes a flexible, multi-tiered approach to balance the needs of each project. Our teams of engineers work right beside our manufacturing experts as a team on every aspect of your product design and development from initial concepts to volume production services.

Our design services are co-located with our contract manufacturing services for unbounded collaboration in bringing successful designs smoothly and quickly into production. As your complete outsourced team, we not only bring your product to market faster, but also at a lower overall expense than you would otherwise invest onboarding a team of comparable caliber and range of talent.

Partnering with Gener8 gives you a significant competitive advantage when time-to-market drives the probability of your product’s success in the marketplace.


Industrial Design

Our industrial designers integrate Gener8s full engineering expertise into a great product experience for the user. Our designers have industry proven experience in optimizing user, business and technical needs into beautiful and commercially successful instruments and products.

Our core competencies include:

  • Design research to find the unique blend of business, user and technology needs for each product.
  • Human factors, ergonomics and product workflow development to finely tune the instrument to the needs of the user.
  • Concept visualization in both sketching, models and CAD to demonstrate the vision for how the product will look, work and feel.
  • Color, materials finish, branding and design to integrate them fully into the product look.
  • Full rendering and animation to fully show the product before it's documented and produced.
  • Documenting all the detail in order to maintain design intent all the way through production.
  • Design for manufacturability and serviceability so that the product will be economical to produce and maintain.
  • We also specialize in design language development to create a unified look and feel for an entire product line.
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Our Symbient facility is focused and highly skilled in medical and biotech consumable product development. Unmatched in the industry, our experience in cartridge engineering has given us a deep understanding of microfluidics, small volumes, and fluid dynamics.

These projects, such as Omics, Point of Care, PCR, cell analysis, bacterial analysis, RNA/DNA purification and biomarker expression, entail fluid handling requirements in small volumes, ranging from milliliters (ml) to microliters (µl).

Learn more about Symbient, PD

Quality Engineering

Gener8’s highly experienced quality engineering team provides support across the entire product life cycle – from design assurance, through design transfer, to ongoing manufacturing and post-market quality. Our quality engineers possess deep expertise in a wide range of industries including biomedical and such regulated markets as medical device and defense.


User Experience Design

Gener8's full stack software and industrial design team has proven success in developing UI/UX experiences that are well integrated to the hardware for medical and commercial products.

Modern human interface design is a highly complex and varied landscape ranging from on-instrument touchscreens to mobile apps to traditional computer interfaces, but our diverse team has skills for all forms of machine interface requirements.

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Regulatory Affairs

Gener8 has a team of medical device regulatory professionals who can support your pre-market and post-market regulatory needs, as well as assist in developing clinical evidence for product submissions.

Our expert team has deep regulatory experience working with a broad range of medical products including surgical, therapeutic and diagnostic/IVD.

Depth of knowledge leads to exceptional results.


Biotech Product Development

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Medical Product Development

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Industrial Product Development