Electrochemical Biosensor Diagnostic with Sample Prep

Our Role

  • Design a disposable cartridge that complete a sample prep protocol, integrates the customer’s electrochemical biosensor (a silicon chip) and interfaces with a custom reader for sensing and mechanical actuation.


  • IVD
  • Point of Care
  • Complex Electromechanical Systems
  • DNA/RNA Sequencing



Features & Accomplishments

  • Achieved sample prep protocol in the disposable consisting of metering of whole blood taken from fingerstick, mixing sample with anticoagulant stored onboard, serum separation and metering, mixing with onboard reagent and delivering 5 μl (microliters) to the silicon chip for measurement.
  • Protocol achieved with simple user steps, meeting CLIA waiver requirements: prick finger with lancet, deposit the droplet of blood onto the sample pad, close the cap and insert cartridge into the reader.
  • Blood is introduced via a sample port with cap. Closing the cap creates the pressure need to drive the sample to the next phase.
  • The design features a sliding valve that meters the sample and delivers it to a fluid channel that flows the sample over the chip. Valve is actuated when cartridge is inserted into reader.
  • Developed and successfully implemented a bubble trap.
  • Integrates with the instrument with precise (6 and 8 μm) alignment features between electrochemical biosensor and reader head.