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The Importance of Working With an ISO 13485 Certified Company

By Gener8 / June 16, 2021

Quality, safety, and compliance are huge factors in the healthcare sector. When you develop a new medical device, you must follow diverse guidelines and regulations. These standards ensure that your product serves its purpose throughout its life on the market. Quality certifications like ISO 13485 guarantee the safety and satisfaction…

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3 Benefits of Working With an In-House Machine Shop

By Gener8 / June 11, 2021

When it comes to designing and fabricating medical devices, you want to work with a firm that delivers fast and successful results. That’s why top medical product developers invest in on-site machine shops for their development teams. An in-house machine shop provides the tools, materials, and experts necessary to turn…

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Steps We Take to Design and Create Medical Diagnostic Devices

By Gener8 / May 31, 2021

Lots of hard work and expertise goes into designing and developing medical diagnostic devices. Every stage of the process takes precision, attention to detail, and dedication to the extensive procedures and regulations of the healthcare sector. That’s why medical device development teams must implement a multifaceted approach that addresses idea…

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4 Applications for Microfluidic Diagnostic Devices

By Gener8 / May 26, 2021

Microfluidic devices are becoming more and more popular in the diagnostic field for their speed, reliability, and ease of use. Even better, the low cost of these devices makes them an appealing point-of-care option. Microfluidic diagnostic devices are doing more than creating a profitable market, though. The faster sample processing…

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3 Best Practices for Biotech Product Development and Commercialization

By Gener8 / April 30, 2021

With so many rapid breakthroughs and disruptive innovations, biotech is in constant state of evolution.  The big question is, how do innovators like you take your concept to market, while avoiding pitfalls that can slow down the process and risk your early-to-market advantage?  Designing and developing a product presents many…

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