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Applications of Point of Care Diagnostic Devices

Applications of Point of Care Diagnostic Devices

By Gener8 | August 7, 2020

Point of care (POC) diagnostic devices produce results outside of laboratory settings by collecting and analyzing specimens at the time of the patient’s visit to the doctor’s office or outpatient treatment location. Sometimes, patients can use point of care diagnostic devices at home, as with pregnancy or blood glucose tests. Advances in technology have expanded…

How User Experience Influences Medical Device Design

How User Experience Influences Medical Device Design

By Gener8 | July 10, 2020

  Medical devices help doctors and laboratories make diagnoses, administer medications, or provide assistance with daily living to patients with disabilities. While the patient is always at the top of the mind when developing a new or improved device, many additional considerations explain how user experience influences medical device design. Benefits of User Experience Data…

Are you ready to put your sample prep on a cartridge?

By Gener8 | August 15, 2019

Richard Spero, PhD CEO at Redbud Labs. Talk to someone who has developed a sample-to-answer cartridge and you’ll hear horror stories about how challenging sample prep and expensive it was. Chances are, the protagonist of those horror stories is sample prep. It doesn’t have to be this way. By planning well and choosing the right…

ISO 13485: What are the benefits?

By Gener8 | June 25, 2019

Implementing a quality system from scratch requires hundreds of hours of planning, coordination and preparation of over 50 controlled documents. You may imagine the time and effort put towards this accreditation project along with a substantial investment. Once the paperwork is completed, the registrar ensures that the accredited company has properly implemented the quality system…