3 Benefits of Working With an In-House Machine Shop

3 Benefits of Working With an In-House Machine Shop

When it comes to designing and fabricating medical devices, you want to work with a firm that delivers fast and successful results. That’s why top medical product developers invest in on-site machine shops for their development teams. An in-house machine shop provides the tools, materials, and experts necessary to turn a product design into a fully realized device. With industry-leading equipment and a team of experts on hand, mechanical engineering of diagnostic device design becomes quick, straightforward, and cost-effective. Discover the benefits of working with an in-house machine shop with this guide.

Close Communication Between Teams

An in-house machine shop means that the engineers and machinists on your design team can all work closely together. You don’t have to wait for returned calls or email responses. Instead, all communication is direct and immediate. Engineers can directly communicate essential details and features of the design to the machinists. This eliminates miscommunications and mistakes, helping the machinists make a functional and effective device the first time. Moreover, machinists and engineers can quickly communicate back and forth to decide on and implement any necessary design changes.

Vast Range of Capabilities and Expertise

One of the benefits of working with an in-house machine shop is that everything and everyone you need to complete the job is right there. A medical device development firm with its own machine shop has state-of-the-art machining capabilities as well as years of experience to make the most of the equipment. Even better, the ability to fabricate devices on-site means that the development team can learn and improve with every project they take on. When you work with developers who can handle the entire process, you receive guaranteed expertise every step of the way.

Speedy, Efficient Turnaround Times

Easy and direct communication streamlines the development process. However, this isn’t the only way that in-house machine shops speed up project turnaround times. Access to an extensive stock of materials allows developers to test and select the best ones for the project without ordering them and waiting for delivery. Additionally, the ability to design, fabricate, test, and evaluate a device all in one place eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth communications or wait times between companies. Instead, the process occurs in one place, with one team of experts working together to achieve better results in less time.

An in-house machine shop is more than just a step in the development process. Working with development firms that need to outsource part of their process becomes tedious, slow, and complicated. Don’t deal with the wasted time or extra stress. Instead, choose a developer capable of handling every step of the project. You’ll reap the benefits of skilled communication, instant access to materials and equipment, and an experienced, collaborative team that will deliver the best results in the industry.

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